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Company A -- New Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department

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Emergency Medical Services

Today when New Fairfield's residents have a life threatening injury or illness, life-saving help is just a phone call away.


When faced with a life-threatening health situation, medical assistance is wanted as soon as possible. In the Town of New Fairfield, we have developed an Emergency Services system to provide our town with the best possible coverage.

     An ambulance is stationed at both CoA and Squantz, and fully staffed by a combination of paid and volunteer EMS personnel. Also provided is immediate access to certified paramedics where necessary. In the event of multiple emergencies, "mutual aide" agreements have been established with neighboring areas of Danbury, Sherman and Putnam Lake.

      Also, New Fairfield Emergency Services provide community services in terms of conducting CPR classes, holding Fire Appreciation Day, etc.

What Is New Fairfield Emergency Medical Services Partnership?

     The town of New Fairfield's Emergency Medical Services, is a partnership between the New Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department's EMS and BSI, a full-time emergency medical services provider.  Duringthe difficult daytime hours, when many volunteers are at their "day job" out of the area, BSI has been contracted to provide on-site emergency medical services staff to provide the best possible day response coverage.

Training of New Fairfield's Volunteer EMS Providers

New Fairfield's volunteer EMS program, provides medical formal training for each applicant.  This comprehensive training programs lasts for approximately five months.  In order to obtain certification, each applicant must pass both a written "knowledge" test as well as "Practical" exam, where skill proficiency must be demonstrated.

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